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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.

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 1881The first information about the coal deposits found on the depth of 15m in Wołyń region in the notice published by W. Choroszewski on the columns of Pamiętnik Fizjograficzny.
 1911The hypothesis based upon the general geological knowledge about this part of Europe that Carbon formations may occur in the west slope of Ukrainian crystal massive has been expressed by M. Tietajew – a Russian geologist.
 1931The Carbon firestones elements have been found by professor J. Samsonowicz penetrating the vicinity of Pełcza in west part of Wołyń region.
 1932The presentation of the concept associated with Carbon formations presence in Wołyń region by J. Samsonowicz and the elaboration of their hypothetical distribution in west part of Wołyń region and in south part of Polesia region.
 1937The commencement of exploratory works.
 1938In Tartaków, productive Carbon has been drilled on the depth of 239 m. This fact is recognized as the initial reconnaissance of Wołyńsko-Lubelski coal basin.
 1955The drilling of exploratory bore – hole in Chełm, where Carbon formations found on the depth between 580 and 1208 m.
 1959The commencement of drilling of 6 drilling holes and execution of geophysical explorations by the Geology Institute.
 1964The decision regarding the exploratory and research drillings by the Central Geology Office and commencement of exploratory works by the Geology Institute, Upper Silesian Division in Sosnowiec.
 1965The first samples of coal drawn from bore – hole Łęczna IG-1.
 VI 1971
The Resolution No 33 adopted by the Committee of the Ministry of Mining and Power Industry regarding „Commencement of preparatory works required for complex development of LZW”.
 1972The documentation of Lubelskie deposit by the team managed by M.Sc. Eng. J. Porzycki.
 1974The locations of the main pit shafts and exploratory bore – hole in Bogdanka has been established by Główne Biuro Studiów i Projektów Górniczych w Katowicach
 I 1975
The decision regarding the construction of the Piloting and Exploitation Mine LZW in Bogdanka (Kopalnia Pilotująco-Wydobywcza LZW w Bogdance) has been made by the Council of Ministers in the form of Resolution No 15/75 concerning the project; the Decree of the Minister of Mining and Power Industry concerning the establishing of a state enterprise under the name: Kopalnie Lubelskiego Zagłębia Węglowego w Budowie. (Mines of Lubelskie Coal – Field under Construction)
 II 1975

 II 1975
The commencement of drilling of deep freezing holes (up to the depth of 720 m) for the pit shaft No 1.1.
 III 1975
The commencement of drilling of deep freezing and cementation holes for shaft sinking No 1.2.
 XI 1975
Laying the act of foundation for the construction of LZW.
 XII 1975
The commencement of shaft sinking No 1.1.
 III 1976
The commencement of shaft sinking No 1.2.
 V 1976
The commencement of drilling of exploratory bore – hole for pit shafts No 1.4 and 1.5 in Nadrybie.
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