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Lubelski Węgiel
Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka S.A.


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      1881 ÷ 1976 | 1976 ÷ 1988 | 1988 ÷ 1995 | 1995 ÷ 2001 | 2002 ÷ 2004 | 2004 ÷ 2008

 II 1995 Achievement of record - breaking progress of longwall 1/l in amount of 205 m/month and average monthly output of 11.600 tons per 24h).
 VI 1995 The conference celebrating 30th anniversary of Lubelskie Zagłębie Węglowe (NOT-Lublin).
 VI 1996 The commissioning of clinker bricks production using post-coal waste by the company „Ekoklinkier” (former „Lubcoal”) in newly erected Zakład Ceramiki Budowlanej w Bogdance (Building Ceramic Facility in Bogdanka).
 VIII 1996 Achievement of monthly progress through the longwall 5N – 230 m/month.
II 1997 The commissioning of the first longwall 1/V in coal bed 385/2; equipped with highly efficient mechanization complex with the new lining Glinik-10/23 and with JOY mining system.
VIII 1997 Achievement of monthly progress for the longwall 1/V/385/2 - 290 m and the average daily output from low efficiency longwall – 10.600 tons per 24h.
VIII 1997 Completed modernization of lifting equipment in the pit shaft No 1.3 and increase of output capacity up to 21.500 tons/ 24h.
XII 1997 The application of the Management of KWK „Bogdanka” S.A. to the Ministry of State Treasure requesting the consent to be given for the commencement of privatisation procedure.
 II 1998 The consent given by the Ministry of State Treasure for the commencement of privatisation procedure
 VIII 1998 The consent given by PHARE for the financing of analyses preceding the privatisation of the Company KWK „Bogdanka”
 I 1999 The creation of Capital Group  „Lubelski Węgiel” S.A. as result of consolidation of the companies: „Lubelski Węgiel”, „ENBO” and „Ekoklinkier” („Lub-coal”).
II 1999 The conclusion of contract on the execution of analyses preceding the privatisation of the Company KWK „Bogdanka” by the consulting company Price Waterhouse Coopers.
 XI 1999 Establishing of company „PAG” as a result of separation of economic department from KWK „Bogdanka” and also the industrial security department thereafter i.e. in April 2000.
 XII 1999 St. Barbara Day celebration in Bogdanka attended by the Minister of State Treasury, Mr. E. Wąsacz.
 V 2000 Completion of works associated with the overhaul of roads and yards around the mine as well as canteen building in Bogdanka.
 VI 2000 The academy in Bogdanka and Scientific and Engineering Conference in Lubelski Castle arranged to celebrate 25th anniversary of Lubelskie Zagłębie Węglowe”.
VI 2000 The decision made by KWK „Bogdanka” S.A. regarding the merger of the companies as a result of the incorporation of Capital Group „Lubelski Węgiel” S.A., acting in the scope of coal processing, its sales and production of bricks.
XI 2000 The announcement of the invitation for negotiations on sale of 10-45% of KWK „Bogdanka” shares by the Minister of State Treasury
 III 2001 Change of the name of KWK „Bogdanka” S.A. into Lubelski Węgiel „Bogdanka” S.A.
VI 2001 The signature of preliminary contract on purchase of 45% of KWK „Bogdanka” shares by Management „Bogdanka” spółka z o.o.
 X 2001 Annulment of privatisation procedure by the resigning Minister of State Treasury (government change after elections).
XI 2001 The building incorporating the pithead and bath has a new façade after the completion of the first phase of objects modernization associated with the replacement of windows and external facades.

     1881 ÷ 1976 | 1976 ÷ 1988 | 1988 ÷ 1995 | 1995 ÷ 2001 | 2002 ÷ 2004 | 2004 ÷ 2008

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